Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Goodbye Guilt

The last couple of weeks at church we have been discussing family.  We all put on this facade when we are in public but if people could look into the windows of our home what would they see?  Would they see the same people, same Moms and Dads, wives and husbands?  Or would they see something dishonest, horrific, or unGodly?

I personally try to be the same whether I'm at home, work, or at the grocery store.  But let's face it I'm not.  Can anyone really say they are?  I know for me,  I am more tactful and polite in public than in home.  Just ask Craig.  I am more sociable in public than at home because well sometimes I'm just a bear to be around!

I have been taking a hard look at what the real message was.  Can I honestly say I am the same Christian in public and at home?  No.  I am guilty.  I am guilty of no sharing Christ at work because I don't want to offend anyone or risk losing my job.  I am guilty of treating others with more respect and patience than my own children and/or husband.

I may be totally off base but, I think Satan puts the guilt there.  I don't think God wants us to feel guilty I believe that he wants us to learn and grow.  He wants us to realize that we must spread His word even if that means stepping on toes.  At least we have planted the seed that He can sow.  I also believe that He wants me to be a better parent than the one I am now.  By studying His word and sharing that with my children it will grow our relationship as well as our relationship with Him.  And I know that I can be a better wife.  And by going through His word together with Craig it will only continue to bring us closer together and have a lasting marriage and friendship.

So goodbye guilt!  I have some studying and sharing to do!

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  1. I share your trepidation at sharing faith at work. But I have still managed to share through absolutely no accomplishment of my own. People ask questions and I try my darndest to answer them. I have been fascinated over my career how people are drawn to me and ask me questions that allow me to share beautiful things in my faith that I would never offer freely. I wish I would offer freely so much more than I do, but those societal pressures are very real (and most likely part of Satan's spiritual warfare as well).

    Nice post. Thank you for this.