Friday, February 5, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday


Anxiety tried to take over this week again.  God kicked it though!  So glad He is on my side!


Furnace has been acting up lately (well actually since before Christmas).  Found a nice gentleman that works on them on the side and he was able to come over and fix it.  God bless him!!!  He charged me 1/4 of the price a normal repairman would have charged me!


Scheduling employees has always been difficult.  And just when you think you have hired enough people to cover any possible absences the sickness hits and you're still short-handed. 


Spent alot of time with God this week!  Love taking an extra fifteen minutes in the morning to spend time in His word.


Found out the great Governor of our state has decided to cut more money from the Parents As Teachers program.  He is calling for a $4.1 million from the program from next years budget.  I have emailed him (twice) and telephoned.  I have put as much information on Facebook and Twitter to make more people aware of the program and pray that they will advocate as well.  Yes, I work for this program, but as a parent this program was a gift when my children were little.  If it did that much for me as a parent imagine what it does for teenage mothers, low income families, and families with special needs.  Then to make matters worse my boss emailed me today and said he is cutting another $2 million from THIS YEARS budget!  Pray I have this job in another month!


Because I belong to a wonderful church they are allowing my family to utilize one of their spaces for my grandmother's 91st birthday party! 

Another week....another snow!  I use to love winter time.  I use to like the cold and snow.  Then 2007 ice storm happened and I could care less if I see the temperature below 45 degrees every again.  I don't even care if I see it snow again.  With that being said.....bring on spring training and baseball weather!!!!!! 

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