Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I'm thinking about trying something new and having a little difficulty deciding if I should do it or not.  I'm not posting this on Facebook and/or Twitter for one main reason....I don't want my bosses to necessarily see this. 

I have received a letter from the State of MO to apply/interview for a job position.  This is a job that I have wanted for some time.  Not sure of the exact schedule and such but I know there would be some adjustment in the schedule that I have become accustomed to...let alone enjoy.

With my current job I am basically free to set my own schedule, take time off whenever, leave early, go in late, take time off for my kids and make up the time later, and able to bring my kids in with me whenever I need to.

With this position I am sure there would be an extensive training period which would then mean having to pay someone to watch the kiddos.  Lots of travel time which then means extra gas and mileage on another car because Craig is already doing that to his.

However, it would be better money and better benefits.  Yes this is a BIG perk because lets face it I wouldn't have to work two jobs if I had this one.  However, is this job worth the extra money if I am paying out more for childcare, gas, and the loss of flexibility? 

Not sure what to do but I'm begining to think that its time for a change and time to pray about it.  So if you don't mind pray for me to see what the right decision is.  I guess it doesn't hurt to go for an interview and see what could transpire, right?

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