Thursday, April 14, 2011

House Guests....Annoyance or Great?

Who in the blog world enjoys house guests?

Or do you consider them an utter annoyance?

To tell the truth I'm a little torn on what I consider them.  I guess if I know they are coming and have time to prepare then I can muddle through.  But when you find out they are coming in about 2 hours I don't have time to prepare.

By prepare I mean, clean house, do some laundry (so its not in their way), declutter the spare bedroom (you know the room that everything gets thrown in because you rarely have houseguests), and then just the mental preparation of " can't run around in your underwear for awhile."

However, if I would get over my selfishness, I would realize that typical houseguests are those individuals that you don't get the opportunity to see on a regular basis.  Its the friends that live in another state that you haven't seen since college.  Or the family that maybe you only see once a year during a family reunion.  Or maybe its medical reasons.  There are a hundreds of reasons why a house guest may be staying.

I just get over my need to run around in my underwear, watch reality TV all day long, eat when I want to.  I'll just man up!  Besides...they won't stay forever.......or will they??

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Joys Of Being a Dad!

I am sure any household knows the feeling of extracurricular activities that send you immediately out of the house when it seems you just came home to from work.  Well, it all started as a typical Tuesday late afternoon/evening in our household.

We had barely made it home from our respective employment when we were getting ready to turn back around and head out to our destinations for the eveing that week. For Craig and Dalton that meant baseball practice. For Megan and I we were headed to a PTA meeting.

The boys were packing up their gear and Craig decided to grab a sandwich for a snack.  So as he stands in the kitchen giving me a quick run down of his day and gulping on his sandwich, I hear, "MOM! Could you come into the bathroom?"

Now for all you mothers out there....those words...from that NEVER a good sign.

I walk down the hall to find my dear sweet Megan standing over the toilet and thats all I needed to see. 

"Did you just puke?"  (Yes, I said it like that!  I'm not politically correct when it comes to body functions)

Then the tears. "Yea"  Why do all kids start crying when they get phyiscally sick?  Heck, I even remember myself crying when I got sick as a child.

I looked down at the hallway to Craig who was still standing in the living room.  He gives me that 'what now' look.   "What?"

"She just puked!"

Now for some reason, and I'm currently blaming a sinus infection/cold, I could not handle cleaning up bodily fluids.  So I proceeded to give Craig the 'please-save-me' eyes.  "You need me to clean it up?"

"Yes please!"  I did.  I. Said. Please! "I don't think I could handle it tonight."

So my dear sweet husband puts his half eaten sandwich down on the arm of the chair, tells Dalton to watch his sandwich from the two ankle bitter creatures staring it down, and comes into the bathroom as my knight in shining puke man.

Have I mentioned yet I much I am blessed?!

After the mess is cleaned, the area disinfected, hands washed, my baby laying in bed with the comforts needed, my hubby goes back to the living room.

"Huh, didn't I put my sandwich here?" and looks at Dalton who is fully engrossed in an NCIS episode he probably shouldn't have been watching.   I looked at Craig, "Seriously?  You can still eat after that?"  That is when I received the 'you-really-are-blonde' look.

"Dalt. Dalton?"

"Huh? What? Yeah Dad?"

"Hmmm...where's the rest of my sandwich?"

"What sandwich?"

"The sandwich I asked you to watch so the dogs wouldn't get it?"

And before he could really finish the sentence we are looking over to the two furry creatures now licking their chops.  

 I turned to Craig and say, "The joys of being a Dad!"