Thursday, April 14, 2011

House Guests....Annoyance or Great?

Who in the blog world enjoys house guests?

Or do you consider them an utter annoyance?

To tell the truth I'm a little torn on what I consider them.  I guess if I know they are coming and have time to prepare then I can muddle through.  But when you find out they are coming in about 2 hours I don't have time to prepare.

By prepare I mean, clean house, do some laundry (so its not in their way), declutter the spare bedroom (you know the room that everything gets thrown in because you rarely have houseguests), and then just the mental preparation of " can't run around in your underwear for awhile."

However, if I would get over my selfishness, I would realize that typical houseguests are those individuals that you don't get the opportunity to see on a regular basis.  Its the friends that live in another state that you haven't seen since college.  Or the family that maybe you only see once a year during a family reunion.  Or maybe its medical reasons.  There are a hundreds of reasons why a house guest may be staying.

I just get over my need to run around in my underwear, watch reality TV all day long, eat when I want to.  I'll just man up!  Besides...they won't stay forever.......or will they??

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