Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Blue Funk

Ever have those days where the funk just takes over and puts you in a foul mood?

I was in a good mood until this afternoon.  Then I was asked a question that just P-@-#-!-$-* me off.  This person meant no harm.  There was no malicious meaning behind the question.  We were having a conversation and they just asked a question.

So why did this set me off?

Because now I have to admit the reality behind that question.  In the back of my mind I know its there but don't you sometimes have a perception that is a little off from reality?  Yep.  Sure do. 

But the real reality is, while although I know the question holds truth, why do I not fully mentally feel it?  And is that a bad thing?  I guess so.  What I mean about not fully mentally feeling it is...while I know the reality (and trust me its there like a huge elephant), there are days I feel there is nothing wrong, that all is right and beautiful.

So now what to do?  First and foremost, I will start praying.  Second.....I pray God will give me the answers or the tools to make it better.  I give it up to Him.  This is something that I know I cannot do without Him on my side.

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