Sunday, January 3, 2010


A few of our church members, along with our pastor, are traveling to Santa Cruz del Quiche Guatemala to work on planting a church there.  Our pastor asked us to pray for safe travels, God's word, and the work that they will be doing in God's name.

The last couple of years I have thought it would be interesting and enlightening to take one of these trips.  Everytime a trip was announced I would sit there and start to think, "I want to go but..."  Then the list would start coming:

Can I afford the trip?
Can I afford to take time off of work?
Who would take the kids to school?
Craig lost his we really can't afford it?
Who would watch the kids while Craig works?

Is the list above actual barricades or are they just excuses? 

After church I did my typical Sunday after lunch routine and popped right onto Facebook.  My pastor had posted a status about the trip and made a comment of the possibility of starting an orphanage in the same city.  I really don't know what made me do it but I immediately replied to him and told him that I would be interested in that mission.  Then I told Craig what I had said.  His reply, "Honey, that would TOTALLY be something you would do."  The pastor stated they are going to do more research and he would keep me posted on any information that would come out of it.

The last few years I have felt a strong urge that somehow and someway God wants me to do something with adoption.  Is it Craig and I adopting?  Is it helping others to adopt?  I'm not sure but He's talking and I sure am listening.

So those excuses up there are going to have to go away.  I know that God will provide a way for all my questions and/or obstacles to be answered.  He will find a way to provide the means for me to go.  He will provide someone to step up and help Craig out so I can go.   I am super excited!   And to be able
to see God's work come to life.  Wow!

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  1. Sounds amazing! Adoption is such a holy thing, in my opinion! Keep praying, praying praying!