Sunday, December 20, 2009

Favorite Christmas Memories-Vol. 5

It was the Christmas of 2002.  Our first Christmas in our house.  It was also the Christmas that Santa was bringing a puppy into our family.  Little did we know another member to our family would be added this Christmas as well.

That year, every month from September through November I went through the same scenario.  "I just know I'm pregnant.  There is all the signs.  I just know it."  And every month through that time frame the same scenario would follow. "Nope, pregnancy test just showed negative.  That's the third test..pretty sure I'm not pregnant."  This whole time I never said anything to Craig though.  We weren't desperately trying to have a baby.  If it happened, it happened. 

December came.  And like every December there is always sooo much to do.  Santa was contacting us about this puppy he wanted to bring to Dalton.  So we were helping him out trying to find the perfect one and to plan out how Santa was going to get it to our house without Dalton knowing it.  A week before Christmas, all of a sudden, I sat there and period is late.  "I'm not that late.  I don't feel typical signs...nope."  I had a couple days off before Christmas day and was busy shopping.  Then on Christmas Eve, I suddenly remembered I still hadn't started my period. 

I headed to Walmart, bought a pregnancy test, took Dalton through McDonalds drive-thru, and headed home.  I set him up with lunch and immediately took the test.  And waited.  I managed to take one bite of my sandwich before heading back into the bathroom to check the test.  I swear that walk down the hallway took forever.  And like in slow motion I picked up the stick. 

Is that what it looks like?  Is that two lines?  Well, but, that one looks a little light.  Is that positive or does two lines mean negative?

I think I read the directions five times before jumping up and down, praising God, and trying not to pee my pants!  Then I stopped....Craig still didn't know anything about this.  He didn't even have an idea that I was late!  Okay so how am I gonna tell him. 

I decided to wrap up the pregnancy test and that would be the gift he opened on Christmas Eve. seemed like the evening took forever before we got home with just the three of us and opened presents.  Dalton opened his, I opened mine, and Craig opened one of his.  Then I said, "Actually Daddy has another one to open."  He said, "No I don't...I'll wait till the morning to open it."  I wanted to strangle him.  "No you are not!  You need to open it now." 

He unwrapped the package and opened the box.  He stopped.  He stared.  Then looked at me and said, ""  I looked at him and said, "This CANNOT come as a big surprise to you."  I mean...seriously?  Was he not present during the making of this creation?  Then the initial shock went away and he said, "Awesome!" maybe I should have given him some hints so he would not have been so stunned.

The next morning as Dalton was opening up his presents and he discovered the new hairy family member.  I said, "Dalton we have another present for you.  Mommy is going to have a baby!"  Craig said, "Won't that be awesome...a little brother or sister!"  Dalton said, "We have a dog now why do we need a baby!"  We had to have a couple more discussions with him on this one.

Then to my parents house we went.  From a previous post you know that my parents open their presents first.  So in addition to what we already had purchased I wrapped another box.  My mom was opening the box which contained a simple note that said, "Your present is still in development but will be ready for delivery in September of 2003."  When she read the note she said, "You are kidding me?"  Nope Mom-no joke.  Then the tears came! 

I have lots of great memories of Christmas both from childhood and as an adult. But I will always remember the Christmas that God gave me one of the best gifts possible.  I thank God everyday for these two precious people that He gave me.  Every Christmas I relish in their delight over their gifts and the magic behind the season.  However, I am more delighted and in awe of their learning about the REAL REASON FOR THE SEASON! 

Merry Christmas everyone!  May God Bless You!

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