Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Another smack in the back of the head....

A little background information first.....

It all started a few months ago.  I started feeling light-headed.  My eyes had a hard time focusing on things.  My hands would start to shake.  I would have this overwhelming feeling of off balance.  Reminded me of my college years and the one to many Miller Lites that I may have consumed.  That was not the case though. 

My first reaction (or my hope) was it was just a sinus infection or ear infection.  So I let it go. continued and continued to get worse.  I decided it was time to bite the bullet and see the doctor. 

Let me explain something.....I hate going to the doctor!  I don't like spending the money.  I will take my children at the first sign of anything but will wait years before I go.  There has to be something seriously wrong for me to admit that I need to go to the doctor's office.  So for me to actually pick up the phone and make that appointment took a lot.  It didn't hurt that my husband was sitting there holding the phone up to my ear while my hands were tied behind my back.  Okay that didn't actually happen, but I think the words he used were, "If you don't go yourself, I will tie you up and make you go."  Fine.

To the doctor I went. 

My gut instinct knew something was wrong.  I knew I wasn't gonna like the diagnosis he was going to give me.  The more questions he asked about my symptoms, the more I wanted to just pick up and run.  Then he said it.  The dreaded....Diabetes.  Yes, there is a family history.  Lots of it!  I had gestational diabetes with my youngest child.  The ob/gyn doctor and I have suspected I had it with my oldest child because he weighed in at a whopping 10lbs. 8 oz. but I had only gained 30lbs.  My primary doctor says, "Well you are like 80% more likely to get diabetes if you had gestational diabetes."  Yeah...thanks for that doc!  So off to the hospital for a 3 hour glucose test.

The lovely sugar syrup drink.  The one that makes your head hurt and your stomach turn.  Oh and by the way, if you do get sick on it, too bad.  You have to start all over.  I was almost in a sugar induced coma in the waiting room.  Got a good nap in though!  After the test, I had a huge drop in sugar because I couldn't eat anything.  So then I about passed out.  Luckily, I had just parked the car and turned the ignition off when that happened. 

The diagnosis:  pre-diabetes.  Not the full blown version.  Okay so no medication, I can fix this with a diet.  That is the plan then....a diet!  I was gonna do what I eat, cut out the carbs, and lose weight.  I was on a mission! 

Six months later....I have only lost 10 pounds.  And can't seem to watch what I eat.  Actually, I do watch it as it is going into my mouth!  I could come up with lots of excuses but the truth is...I just didn't stick with it. 

This is where, if I had been listening to God, I would have got it.  I don't listen well, so here comes the smacks....

This last Sunday, as I am sitting in church listening to the sermon, I start feeling funny.  I even turned to Craig and said, "I can't seem to get my eyes to focus."  I should have listened to my instincts and grabbed a snack.  But nooooo.  No time for snacks because we had lots of errands to run after church.  The shakes started and then the dizziness.

We were in the grocery store and I swear, I would have eaten things right off the shelf had I not had the fear of being arrested in my head.  "Okay....I think I'm dealing with a little low blood sugar attack here."  I was EXTREMELY moody and impatient.  I must have looked like some psycho out of a horror flick.  Craig looked at me and said:  "I think I'm taking the kids hunting while you have the afternoon to yourself.  Maybe you'll be back to normal when we get home."


Yesterday, I am changing the date on my devotional calendar.  The messages are about caring for our bodies and God healing it.  We are to glorify Him by caring for our bodies as we are the temple of His Holy Spirit.  Asking God for discipline in what we eat and drink and how we exercise. 


I sat there and thought,  "Yeah, I really need to start that diet over again.  I really need to watch what I am eating because I think I've been slacking."  Then I popped a Tootsie Roll from Halloween into my mouth and went on my merry way.

Then here it came...the big smack across the back of the head.

Craig brings in the mail last night.  And in the stack is a postcard from my doctor's office.  In big bold print reads, "YOU NEED TO CONTACT THE OFFICE TO MAKE A FOLLOW-UP APPOINTMENT."  Okay, God!  I heard you! 

My appointment if for 9:00 a.m. tomorrow.

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