Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Momma Bear

I have always said:  "You can mess with me but don't you dare mess with my kids!"  (Actually I don't say it quite that nicely but wanted to clean it up for the blog's sake.)

All of you mothers out there know what I mean.  And for those future mothers...if you don't already will as soon as that precious baby is born!

It all starts with something happening to one of my kids and the protective nature takes over and all I want to do is make it better.

For example:

*The day your child tells you that they don't have any friends.  I automatically wanted to enroll them in every possible social activity.
*The day your child says that they didn't get picked for something at school because they were absent that day.  I instantly wanted to be in the principal's office asking why.
*The day your child's friend tells you that one of the teachers at school thinks that your child is faking their allergies/asthma.  It makes you want to ask the teacher if they have children.
*The nights that your children can't sleep because they are sick.
*The illnesses that zapp their little bodies of all energy.
*The heartaches they have when they feel that they aren't noticed.

I realize that even though my kids are still young and that I still have YEARS ahead of me of heartache and illnesses, it still does not diminish the fact that I will forever be the momma bear protecting my young.

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