Friday, March 12, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday

In my family we have a birthday cluster between end of February and first part of March.  One of my nephews turned 8 at the end of February, my son turned 11 on March 2nd, my Dad turned __ on March 4th, and another nephew turned 10 on March 10th.  Last Friday we were able to celebrate three of those birthdays at my mom's house.  We had a great supper but even better conversations.  I was finally able to tell some embarassing stories on my brother instead of the other way around.

Last Saturday we were able to watch my nephew play hockey.  This was the first time I was able to watch him play.  He is sooo talented on that ice!  He made the only three goals for his team and got his "hat trick."  We couldn't be prouder of him!

Craig's job is still on the rocky side.  Please continue to pray for us on that end. 

Attending a conference over Early Childhood Education this weekend.  It is out of town so it makes for a long weekend but enjoy learning and applying new ideas!

I don't go out of town often and especially without my kiddos.  So every year at this time a little anxiety settles in about whos gonna take care of kids when Craig is at work?  Will ___ get done?  What will they eat for dinner?  So, this week on top of packing for myself, I preceded to make lists.  My parents graciously offered to spend the night so Craig could still go to work at normal time and they got the kids off to school.  So a full page list of 'instructions' went out to Grandma.  I say instructions but they are more like helpful hints of what to do, typical morning routine, and general housekeeping things.  This is my Type A personality coming out.

I have learned that while I enjoy getting away for some 'me' time, I miss my husband.  He drives me insane at times but there is a comfort knowing he's next to me or just in the next room.

Daylight Savings time is this weekend and that only means one thing.....spring, longer days, baseball games, and summer is not too far behind.  Bring it on!  I'm ready!

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