Saturday, March 26, 2011

What happened?

Ever sit back and think what happened to all those friends you use to hang out with?

Maybe I'm feeling a little blue tonight and longing for to talk to someone other than my husband and two kids.

As I sit here I am thinking, does this happen to everyone that is married? Or is it just me?

I know other married people that seem to have get togethers with friends.  Or they have their "Girls Nights".  I don't have that. And why don't I have that?  Am I too difficult to get along with?  Do I put family things before getting together with others?

Am I making more of it than I should?  Do I really need anyone other than my husband and kids?

I'm not sure....

Maybe I'm just throwing myself a little pity party.  ;-)


  1. I will join you in this pity party because I feel like this all the time. We have no one our age who lives around here and sometimes the only people I see are Joe and Ryan. I love being a stay at home mome and wouldn't trade it for the world, but I just wish we at least had the opportunity to get together with people our age.

    Sometimes I wonder if I should get more involved with people in my church (but we live 25 miles away so it's hard...) or just take the initiative and make friends.

    I understand your feelings completely! We can pity-party together!

  2. I'm glad to know I'm not alone in this feeling!

    I have thought of being more involved with church as well or joining a Zumba group or something but it always seems to happen on nights with something with the kids or Craig is at work so I have the kids. I guess I don't want to neglect my family time for girl time but then on the other hand sometimes I need that girl time.