Monday, January 3, 2011

"Are you sure we are related?"

"Mom, are you sure we are related?"

This is what came out of my dear sweet daughter's mouth the other night.  Let me give you a little preface...

Megan is a 'princess', a drama queen, a diva.  She doesn't even deny it.  She likes to play dress up.  Her favorite Christmas present was a makeup set from her brother.  She would paint her fingernails every day of the week if I would allow it.  She has been asking for high heels for about a year now.  Ok..please keep in mind her idea of high heels is probably not YOUR idea of high heels.

I, on the otherhand, am anything but a diva.  I RARELY (and I do mean rarely) wear makeup.  I don't have fingernails so what's the use in painting them. I DESPISE dresses.  And if you see me in a pair of high heels you better be walking behind me to catch me because guaranteed I will fall! 

So I guess in some sense, we don't have alot in common.  But I didn't realize that aspect was going to hit me so hard when it came to the following conversation.

Craig and I had received a little 'Christmas Money' this year so we decided to go do some shopping.  Craig wanted (needed) and new pair of tennis shoes and I headed for the clothes department.  Which also meant that Dalton headed with Dad and Megan stayed with me.  As we are looking through the clothes Megan starts with the questions:

"Mom, why don't you wear dresses?"
"Mom, do you not like high heels because you never wear them?"

So trying to be as polite as possible I answered her questions to which I got this reply:

"Mom, I just don't understand.  You don't like dresses and I love dresses.  You don't wanna wear high heels and I do.  We are nothing alike.  Are you sure we are related? Are you sure you gave birth to me?  Am I adopted?"

All I have to say is....

Sounds exactly like something I would say!!!  You are DEFINITELY my child!!


  1. You also have the drama queen thing in common!

  2. How dare you! I resemble that comment!!