Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Megan Renee!!!

Seven years ago today I was on my way to the hospital to have my beautiful baby girl.  Since my first pregnancy was pretty much unexciting (meaning....great and no symptoms, well other than a growing belly) this pregnancy was the exact opposite.

It all started with finding out I was pregnant on Christmas Eve which was quickly followed by morning sickness.  The funny thing is my morning sickness went on sometimes all day long.  I often found myself locking myself in my office to avoid any smells or otherwise I would end up in the bathroom.  This lasted pretty much the entire pregnancy BUT it was not as bad as I've heard other ladies having...thankfully.

Next was gestational diabetes.  Do you know how hard it is for a pregnant lady to be on a diet?  And then to have the doctor question every week why you are losing weight?  Gee...doc...because I can't have the chocolate zingers that you told me to stop eating!!!  Anyway....because of the diabetes I had to have weekly stress tests and sonograms.  Now don't get me wrong I throughly enjoyed seeing that baby every week on the screen.  What I didn't enjoy was hearing the tech mention every week how big the baby was getting and how much bigger she could get by the time I delivered her.

Let me take you back to my oldest son, Dalton, who weighed in a whooping ten and half pounds when he was born.  The doctor was worried that our baby girl would be as big if not bigger if we didn't monitor the progress.  So a week before our scheduled C-section the tech says, "She's weighing in at almost nine pounds and you still have a week or more before you deliver.  I wouldn't buy any newborn diapers if I were you!"  REALLY?  Did I just hear her right?

Needless to say, the day of the C-section I was a little anxious about the delivery.  But leave it to the second child to surprise us as much as the first child.  Megan Renee Trussell was born at 1:16 p.m. weighing it at 7lbs. 11oz.  Our petite little girl!

This precious little girl started off her life in a quiet, happy, content state.  The baby that slept the entire first night home from the hospital.  The baby that would sit and smile for hours.  The darling little girl that ventured into her independent state.  Fiesty, witty, and full of _____ & _____(I'll let you fill in the blanks).  And yes she gets all of her traits from me!

Megan is funny, clever, creative, and has a mind of her own.  I wouldn't have it any other way!  Eight wonderful years with this angel sent from!  You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are gray...Happy Birthday Megan!!!

Some favorite pics of mine...
Just a couple days old

4 months old

18 months old

3 year old "Truman Tiger" for Halloween

Megan drew this when she was 4-5 years favorite

What a pretty girl!!!

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