Friday, May 7, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday

Its been awhile since I've done a Quick Takes.  However, I need to get back into my blog!


I have been at my new job for a month now!  It has been a great month!  After 13 years with the same company and same career, I would be lying if I said I wasn't scared out of my mind upon taking this new adventure!!  I also knew that if I didn't take this position I would constantly wonder about it and where my life would lead.  So when provided with the opportunity from God I jumped on it!  I am thankful that I have great co-workers who put up with my endless questions on learning my new job and that make going to work everyday fun!  I am also thankful and have been blessed to have worked for a company the last 13 years that allowed me to finish my degree, give me flexibility for my kid's sake, and supervisors that supported my decisions and that now I call friends.


My new job takes me out into the 'field' several times a week.  This Tuesday was my first day in the 'field' by myself.  It totally rocked!!!!!  I know, I know.  I sound a little giddy about it but that's because I am.


Baseball has been in full swing since the first of April but Dalton has not been swinging the bat so great.  Craig and I have been giving little pep talks before every game but nothing seemed to help.  He is playing on a very competative team and playing in tournaments almost every weekend.  This is his first year doing this and I think a little nervousness developed in him and put him in a slump.  Well, Praise God this week he is starting to turn it around and playing like the player we know he can be!  Now I know I can't (or maybe shouldn't) pray to God for them to win every game but believe me I am praying that Dalton's ability shines through and shows his coaches and teammates what he is made of!


My second job, Parents as Teachers, has taken some pretty big budget cuts from our lovely governor.  I'll try to leave my personal opinion out of it, but several of my fellow co-workers are dealing with some difficult decisions this week.  Due to the budget cuts several of our families may not receive services anymore.  Plus the Governor could decide to cut the program out all together before its all over with.  I am blessed to have my full-time job and that this job is a benefit and pleasure to do.  However, it is a much needed program for the state and community.  Early childhood education is the first step to successful learning in higher education!


On a lighter note....Did you know that chewing gum WILL actually keep you awake and/or alert when you are driving?  A little trick I had heard and told Craig about when he started driving to Kansas City for work.  And now that I am driving to Kansas City have found it actually works!


I have also learned in my new commuting experience, that if you have something planned to do after work and are in a rush to get home, you will always end up in a traffic jam.  So... I have also learned that you might as well just sit back, turn the radio up, and sing your lungs out to pass the time.  Getting aggravated only creates more issues!!!

7. honor of Mother's Day....I must say I have the best mom around!  She is always there for me and is willing to come in a moments notice.  She is my best friend and the one I usually turn to.  Thank you Mom for all you do! 

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Am I Ever Good Enough?

I think I ask myself this question too much.  Those nastly little insecurities that sneak up and smack ya on the butt! 

"That outfit is soo cute but would look like I'm pregnant if I wore it."
"I'm so stupid sometimes."
"Why does it seem like I have no one to talk to?"
"Can I handle this?"
"How am I going to handle this?"
"Am I good enough?"

The list goes on and on....

I need to remember that the only one that matters is God.  It is Him I answer to.  And I am always good enough for Him.  But why is that so hard to grab onto sometimes?