Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thankful, Blessed, Grateful

The last couple of weeks several friends on Facebook have been listing what they are thankful for everyday until Thanksgiving.  I decided to make one big list and to post on here. 

I am thankful for....
  • God.  Without Him there would be nothing.  I am grateful everyday for His presence.  I am thankful for His providing for my needs.  I am thankful to be able to go to Him in my prayers and devotions.  I am thankful for His word.  I am grateful that He sent His only Son to die on the cross for my sins. 
  • a husband that loves me without any hesitation.  A husband that does laundry, cooks, does the dishes, etc.  A husband that will take care of me when I am sick.  A husband that puts his family before anything else.  A husband that my children want to spend every waking minute with.  A husband that knows when I need a break and will take the kids so I can have the house to myself.  A husband that after 13 years and two kids later still thinks I am beautiful. 
  • a son that has a heart of gold and an infectious smile.  A son that has all the book smarts in the world but has no common sense.  A son that still kisses me goodbye (as long as no one is around).  A son that looks and acts like his father but is a 'Momma's boy'.  A son that gives a 110% on the ballfield and not because his dad is the coach because he wants to be a better player.  He is a sensitive soul that I truly believe will grow up to take in every stray animal that he finds.
  • a daughter that is assertive, independent, and quick-witted.  A daughter that makes me want to pull my hair out sometimes but also makes me laugh out loud everyday.  A daughter that is smart in every sense of the way but will only show it when she wants to.  A daughter that looks and acts just like me but has her Daddy wrapped around her finger.  A daughter that has an adult I will find comfort in knowing that she will be able to handle herself.
  • parents that love me unconditionally.  Parents that will drop everything in a moments notice to help me out.  Parents that will give me their opinions and advice but also respect my decisions.  Parents that love my children and would give all they have for them.  Parents that I can joke with, laugh with, and cry with.
  • family.  All of my grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sister-in-laws, cousins, etc.  Family that we can share stories and recall memories with.  Family that I get to see at dinners and parties.  As I have said before I love family get-togethers and it is because of who they are.  Family that I may not be blood related to but treat me like I am.  Family that I haven't seen in years but feels like it was only yesterday.
  • friends.  For friends that will call me out on my crap and help me be a better person.  Friends that I can continue to learn from.  Friends that we can look back at memories and laugh, cringe, blush, or do all three.  Friends that will watch my children, teach my children, and be second parents to my children.  Friends that know all my secrets and keep it that way.  Friends that I had lost contact with but can reconnect with like no time had ever passed. 
  • my jobs.  I am blessed to have two jobs that I enjoy.  One job that I get to be around children all day and to be witness to their milestones and their happiness.  Another job that I get to talk and work with parents so that they will stay involved in their child's life.  Jobs that give me flexibility and understanding so that I can be with my own children when I am needed.  Jobs with understanding bosses that allow me to vent my frustrations to them.  Jobs that give me great employees and awesome co-workers.  Jobs that provide me with funny moments, great stories, and a chance to help others.
  • electricity.  How did people survive without it?  Seriously. 
  • indoor plumbing.  Do you know how fortunate we are not to have to walk outside in sub-zero temperatures to pee in the middle of the night? 
  • my health.  There are people out there today that are suffering from cancer, heart problems, etc.  I am fortunate that I am able to get out of bed and go to work everyday.
  • Diet coke.  It is my saving grace some days!  Yes I am addicted and I really don't care to get over the addiction.
  • Chocolate.  It just makes things better.
  • My dogs.  They drive me nuts and seriously think one of them has ADD.  However, who else will cuddle up with you just minutes after you smack them for pooping on the floor?
  • Reality TV.  I know its stupid, I know it is everywhere.  But I really see no difference in watching Real Housewives then watching a football game.  They both have actually happened and there is usually some sort of physical contact.
  • clothes.  Because would you really want to see everyone walking around without them?  Some people just need to have them on at all times.
  • Kenny Chesney.  His songs are great.  Plus he is soooo very cute!  And yes I know he is bald but I really don't look at the top of his head much anyway.
  • Sharpie markers and pens.  I just like them.
  • Restaurants.  Because I don't like to cook so I am grateful there are places to go to eat when I really don't feel like cooking.
  • Laptop computers.  I can go anywhere and play on it.  I can sit on the couch all day long and still be able to play on Facebook and Twitter because my laptop is right beside me.
  • Cameras.  I thoroughly enjoy going through old pictures and reliving memories.  I enjoy old photos from my birth through childhood.  Those awkward junior high and high school pictures.  The high school dances and what were we thinking with those clothes?  The engagement pictures.  The wedding pictures. The pregnancy pictures.  The first smiles, first birthdays, the first day of school.  And yes...Craig.  I intend to take a picture of the first day of school up until they go to college. 
  • People that have a sense of humor and that I can be a smartalic to.  Nothing is better than being able to smart off to people and they get the joke and smart back.  I love talking smack.  I may not be very good at it, but I still try to get a few zingers in.  So, if you talk or chat with me and I pipe something off that may not be proper, more than likely it is a joke so please take it in stride.
  • text messaging.  I have recently became addicted to it.  It is nice to be able to send a quick message to give information without trying to get in contact verbally with them.  It is nice that I can yell at my husband through text messaging and not have to hear the response.  It is nice that I can send a quick "thinking about you " message to and even nicer to receive the "thinking of you" messages back.
I really could continue because I am sure that there are things that I have forgotten at the moment.  Everyday I say thanks for something.  It may be a very minimal thing but I am thankful.  So even though this is the season to be thankful please remember to be thankful every day and not just during the holiday season.  Thank God everyday for something.  Thank Him for starting a new day.  Thank Him for the toothpaste you were able to buy to brush your teeth.  Thank Him for the job that you may not like but that at least you have.  Thank Him for the family that drives you crazy but you know has your back.  Thank Him!!!!  It is because of Him that I am thankful, I am blessed, and I am grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving Friends!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

In Memory...

The last week has proven to The Trussell household how precious and short life can be.  Craig lost a very good friend on Thursday due to a work accident.  His name is Chris.  He was only 36 years old.  He had a wife that was his best friend and three children that he adored. 

Chris and Craig grew up in two different towns but wrestled against each other throughout high school.  From the stories I have heard over the years, it was a fierce competition between the two.  In fact, Chris's mother just told us last night that Chris use to have a list on his bedroom wall of all the guys he wanted to beat during a meet.  She said, "Craig Trussell's name was at the top of the list."

Everyone always found it strange and odd how two people that fiercly competed against each other came to be good friends.  When Craig and I started dating, Chris was one of the first friends I met.  They played softball together for years.  They teased each other about wrestling.  Chris always gave Craig a hard time for "stealing" a district medal from him.  Just last year, Chris was over at the house and acted like he was going to swipe the medal off of Craig's medal board.  (Yes, my husband is 37 years old and still proudly displays EVERY wrestling medal.  I just make sure its in the basement)

Chris and his wife are all about their family as much as we are.  And when that happens you tend to lose touch from time to time.  However, they were never far from our mind.  Just a year ago, (Chris being the baseball lover that he is and the fact that he had built a baseball field in his backyard) gave our son's ball team permission to use his field to practice on.  He helped us work with his local baseball league so that our team would have somewhere to play.  He umpired most, if not all, of our games.  Chris is the guy you look at and say, "Man I wish I could have half the character he has."  He made you want to be a better person.  The number of lives he touched is extraordinary.  He is no one famous.  But he is honest and down to earth. 

God had differnent plans for Chris.   It is always hard when someone young passes.   I don't understand His plan and the overwhelming feeling of shock has not left us all weekend.  But I recall a line from Steel Magnolias, "When something like this happens.  I pray very hard to make head or tails of it.....I personally feel much safer knowing that he's up there on my side."  All I can do is pray.  I pray to God to wrap His arms around Chris's family.  I pray that He graces them with His presence and lets them know that Chris will always be with them.  I pray that those kids will always remember how much he adored them and that they were his world.

Craig and I have been doing a lot of thinking this weekend.  And as usual, we kid and tease about leaving the house without that kiss or that goodbye or that 'I love you'.  But in all seriousness.....Life is short.  Don't take anything for granted.  Cherish the moments.  Laugh.  Live.  Love.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Another smack in the back of the head....

A little background information first.....

It all started a few months ago.  I started feeling light-headed.  My eyes had a hard time focusing on things.  My hands would start to shake.  I would have this overwhelming feeling of off balance.  Reminded me of my college years and the one to many Miller Lites that I may have consumed.  That was not the case though. 

My first reaction (or my hope) was it was just a sinus infection or ear infection.  So I let it go. continued and continued to get worse.  I decided it was time to bite the bullet and see the doctor. 

Let me explain something.....I hate going to the doctor!  I don't like spending the money.  I will take my children at the first sign of anything but will wait years before I go.  There has to be something seriously wrong for me to admit that I need to go to the doctor's office.  So for me to actually pick up the phone and make that appointment took a lot.  It didn't hurt that my husband was sitting there holding the phone up to my ear while my hands were tied behind my back.  Okay that didn't actually happen, but I think the words he used were, "If you don't go yourself, I will tie you up and make you go."  Fine.

To the doctor I went. 

My gut instinct knew something was wrong.  I knew I wasn't gonna like the diagnosis he was going to give me.  The more questions he asked about my symptoms, the more I wanted to just pick up and run.  Then he said it.  The dreaded....Diabetes.  Yes, there is a family history.  Lots of it!  I had gestational diabetes with my youngest child.  The ob/gyn doctor and I have suspected I had it with my oldest child because he weighed in at a whopping 10lbs. 8 oz. but I had only gained 30lbs.  My primary doctor says, "Well you are like 80% more likely to get diabetes if you had gestational diabetes."  Yeah...thanks for that doc!  So off to the hospital for a 3 hour glucose test.

The lovely sugar syrup drink.  The one that makes your head hurt and your stomach turn.  Oh and by the way, if you do get sick on it, too bad.  You have to start all over.  I was almost in a sugar induced coma in the waiting room.  Got a good nap in though!  After the test, I had a huge drop in sugar because I couldn't eat anything.  So then I about passed out.  Luckily, I had just parked the car and turned the ignition off when that happened. 

The diagnosis:  pre-diabetes.  Not the full blown version.  Okay so no medication, I can fix this with a diet.  That is the plan then....a diet!  I was gonna do what I eat, cut out the carbs, and lose weight.  I was on a mission! 

Six months later....I have only lost 10 pounds.  And can't seem to watch what I eat.  Actually, I do watch it as it is going into my mouth!  I could come up with lots of excuses but the truth is...I just didn't stick with it. 

This is where, if I had been listening to God, I would have got it.  I don't listen well, so here comes the smacks....

This last Sunday, as I am sitting in church listening to the sermon, I start feeling funny.  I even turned to Craig and said, "I can't seem to get my eyes to focus."  I should have listened to my instincts and grabbed a snack.  But nooooo.  No time for snacks because we had lots of errands to run after church.  The shakes started and then the dizziness.

We were in the grocery store and I swear, I would have eaten things right off the shelf had I not had the fear of being arrested in my head.  "Okay....I think I'm dealing with a little low blood sugar attack here."  I was EXTREMELY moody and impatient.  I must have looked like some psycho out of a horror flick.  Craig looked at me and said:  "I think I'm taking the kids hunting while you have the afternoon to yourself.  Maybe you'll be back to normal when we get home."


Yesterday, I am changing the date on my devotional calendar.  The messages are about caring for our bodies and God healing it.  We are to glorify Him by caring for our bodies as we are the temple of His Holy Spirit.  Asking God for discipline in what we eat and drink and how we exercise. 


I sat there and thought,  "Yeah, I really need to start that diet over again.  I really need to watch what I am eating because I think I've been slacking."  Then I popped a Tootsie Roll from Halloween into my mouth and went on my merry way.

Then here it came...the big smack across the back of the head.

Craig brings in the mail last night.  And in the stack is a postcard from my doctor's office.  In big bold print reads, "YOU NEED TO CONTACT THE OFFICE TO MAKE A FOLLOW-UP APPOINTMENT."  Okay, God!  I heard you! 

My appointment if for 9:00 a.m. tomorrow.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Father and Son

Dalton was 4 years old when Craig took him on his first hunting trip.  It has been  non-stop since then.  Every Fall the boys head out to hunt whatever animal they can.  Sometimes I think it is just to get away from the girls.  Dalton has always been about his Dad.  He has always followed Craig.  Wherever Craig is you can bet that Dalton is not far behind.  He has followed his interests, his mannerisms, and the same taste in food.  The softball teams that Craig plays on, Dalton becomes part of. 

This weekend was not to be any different when the boys headed out on Friday evening to my parent's house.  They spent the night so they could get up and head out early to go duck hunting.  On Saturday Megan and I decided we would venture up to my parent's house and enjoy lunch with everyone.  We spent the afternoon riding the four-wheeler and talking.  The boys left in the middle of the afternoon to continue hunting as Megan and I headed out to a local pumpkin patch.  After the pumpkin patch it was trick-or-treat time. 

As I was posting pictures this weekend onto my Facebook page, I realized that Dalton was not in any of them.  Why?  Then it hit me.  Like a ton of bricks.  He's growing up and too fast.  He is in that phase where he doesn't want his picture taken so none were taken while we were riding the four-wheeler.  He chose to go hunting rather than go to the pumpkin patch or trick-or-treating. 

As time flies by me it makes me a little teary that he doesn't do the traditional Halloween kid activities anymore.  Then I have to realize, he could be choosing to hang out with the wrong type of kids or chose to sit inside and play on his Playstation.  But he chooses his Dad.  I couldn't be happier that they are developing that relationship and tradition that will last a lifetime.  And as Mom, I guess if I want pictures of Dalton then I'm going to have to teach Craig how to use the camera.